A Gentle Introduction to TeX

         Using TeX and LaTeX in the Duke Mathematics Department

         Laura Taalman and Michael Kozdron
         February 26, 1999

Welcome to the Duke Math Department TeX site.  The purpose of this site is to provide a starting point for TeX users in the department, especially graduate students encountering this strange program for the first time.  Our hope is that this will be an ongoing project and will continue to evolve as more people contribute to the site.

Currently this site contains the files and links referred to in the graduate student talk we gave on February 26, 1999.   There are also some pages of links to other useful sites we've found on the web.  If you find any errors, typos, or broken links, please let us know.

Disclaimer:  Neither Laura nor Michael are LaTeX experts.  We both enjoy using LaTeX and have some experience with it.  Our goals in making this site and giving this grad talk were to explain how TeX works on the Math Department computers, and to provide a starting point for those users who haven't TeXed at all (or very much).  Hopefully we can spare you some of the headaches we endured when we were starting out.  Some of the sample files on this site aren't perfect, nor are they even good examples of TeX, but hey, they got the job done!

That said, we are both more than willing to lend you a hand if you need it.  Either e-mail Michael or just track him down in the Math Building.  If you have any TeX work that you think would benefit other users and would like to contribute it to this site, then by all means just send it to us.

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