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Working with your computer algebra system *
Description of buttons *

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The Connected Curriculum Project is a coordinated effort to create interactive learning environments for a wide range of mathematics and mathematically-based applications. Our materials combine the flexibility and connectivity of the Web with the power of computer algebra systems. These materials may be used by groups of learners as an integrated part of a course or by individuals as independent projects or supplements to classroom discussions.


Most of the CCP learning materials are modules: single-topic units that can be used for a two-hour lab, or for a shorter supervised period with follow-up on the student's own time, or for self-study. Most of our modules are class-tested with students working in two-person teams in a lab environment. Some modules use an application area to stimulate learning of mathematics, and others go straight to the mathematics. Each module consists of several html pages containing discussion and guidance for exploring a topic, generally using Java and/or a computer algebra system. Nearly all modules are currently available for Maple. Many are available for Mathematica, and some are available for Mathcad and Matlab.

There are two longer projects created by faculty at Rockhurst College.

All of these materials use at least some of these powerful tools: hypertext links, Java applets, sophisticated graphics, a computer algebra system, realistic scenarios, thought-provoking questions that require written answers, summary questions that enable students to see the forest as well as the trees.

Available Modules

The list of available modules is divided according to mathematical subject area (some modules appear in more than one area) and according to application. Click on a subject area or an application area to find the modules available in that area.

By Mathematical Subject Area

By Application

Sample Syllabi

The authors/instructors below have taught multiple courses using the CCP materials. You may link to their personal and course homepages, from which you will find textbook choices, course outlines, homework assignments, grading schemes and other information on courses involving the CCP materials.

[Notes: Each of these links opens a new window -- close the window to return here. For course links that take you to a login page, use ID guest and password guest. This will take you to a Blackboard page -- then click on Course Information.]

Lang Moore

David Smith

Working with your computer algebra system

To use the modules effectively you will need one of the following helper applications installed on your system:

Mathcad, Version 6 or higher

Maple, Version 6 or higher

Mathematica, Version 4.0 or higher

Matlab, Version 5.1 or higher

When the button for your helper application (as shown above, or for a more recent version) appears on the Contents page of a module, the button links to a worksheet designed to be used with the module. Depending on the configuration of your browser, clicking on the helper application button will either lauch your helper application and load the file, or will cause your browser to prompt you to `Open' or `Save' the file. In the former case, you may need to specify the application (Mathcad, Maple, Mathematica) needed to open the file. In the latter case, saving the file to your disk will allow you to launch your helper application and load the file. The Matlab ".m" files for a given module are downloaded in an archive format -- follow the instructions for your computer on the Matlab download page.

Most modules have been designed so that the benefits of both the web and a computer algebra system (which we often refer to as a helper application) can be utilized. All discussion will take place in the web page, and students will make calculations and record their observations in a worksheet for your preferred helper application. The materials are designed for constant interplay between web pages and your helper application worksheet! Throughout the module, navigation buttons are provided -- see description of buttons.

Most users find that the materials are easiest to use when both the web pages and the helper application worksheet are visible side by side, as show below (with a module web page on the left and a Maple worksheet on the right).

Description of buttons

This site uses a consistent system of navigation. The buttons which appear in the module pages, and descriptions of their functions, are shown below. (Within a module, the functionality of the navigation buttons is duplicated in text links at the end of each page.)

Go to CCP Homepage Go to the homepage for the Connected Curriculum Project.
Go to the Materials Page, from which you can choose materials by format, subject and application. (If you click on this button now, while in the `Resources' side of the site, you will go to the Resources Page.)

Each module will use one of the following buttons to designate the subject area of the module.

Go to Precalculus Materials Precalculus
Go to Differential Calculus Materials Differential Calculus
Go to Integral Calculus Materials Integral Calculus
Go to Multivariable Calculus Materials Multivariable Calculus
Go to Differential Equations Materials Differential Equations
Go to Linear Algebra Materials Linear Algebra
Go to Engineering Mathematics Materials Engineering Mathematics

Go to the Contents Page of the current module.

Go to the next page.

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