About the Post CALC Project

The Post CALC Project presents interactive, mathematically-based modules designed for high school students who have finished a year-long course in calculus. These modules, each appropriate for several weeks work by individuals or small groups of students, illustrate the use of calculus in a wide range of applications.

These materials have a structure similar to the modules in the Duke Connected Curriculum Project (CCP). The HTML pages contain discussion, instructions, and simple Java-based interactions together with a downloadable computer algebra system worksheet for student exploration and reporting. However, the CCP modules are appropriate for approximately one class period of in-class work with some guidance from an in-class instructor. While the Post CALC materials can be used in a similar mode, they are designed for independent use. There is much more explanatory detail and the expectation is that students will work on each module for one to many weeks.

Duke University has provided technical and mathematical support to schools participating in the PostCALC Project. The NSF grant supporting this project has expired. However, we are still maintaining the site and will support users to the best of our ability. If you would like more information about using these materials, send an email message to Jim Tomberg at tomberg@math.duke.edu.

Click here to see pictures of some Chapel Hill students combining their interests in music and mathematics as they work through the Post CALC module on Fourier Approximations.


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