Visualizing Linear Functions (II)

Problem: Suppose that the variable y is a linear function of x with y = f (x) = mx + b. Given the following table for the function, move the points (A, B) and (C,D) on the cartesian graph to match the ordered pairs of data in the table. 

y = f (x)


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  1. Based on this information, use the point (E,F) on the cartesian graph (or the related transformation figure) to
    a) estimate f (0).
    b) estimate the value of an x so that f (x) = 0.

  2. [Notice that, unlike the previous problem type, the point (E,F) is not constrained in the figure to lie on the line determined by (A,B) and (C,D).]

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    Enter your answer for the where f (x) = 0
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    The correct answer for f (0) is f (0) =
    The correct answer for the x where f (x) = 0 is x =
  3. Describe how the solutions in problem 1 are related to the positions of E and F on the transformation figure for f.