Suggestions by Tom Lanning
Offers some interesting ideas for projects/independent study in all curricular areas
Interesting site, supported by the National Science Foundation, that offers math related activity and information for educators, students and parents.
Home page for math competitions that my high school participates in for six sessions each school year. Schools compete within their state for team scores in solving six non-routine math problems each session. Top five students constitute the school score. Kids enjoy the competition and the problems. They also enjoy checking standings and student recognition for excellent performance.
Amateur astronomer who maintains excellent links for the subject. Can be a fine gateway to other science and math areas.
Home page for the computer consortium of which Olmsted Falls High School is a member. This provides a gateway for students, teachers and parents to experience the web.
Cleveland area web page that is sponsored in part by the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. Very popular with our students because of the coverage of local scholastic sports. Offers a source of information for math classes, especially data analysis.
Great site that provides professional growth in comtemporary mathematics for teachers as well as excellent modules that can be downloaded for use with students.
Home of a PBS station that maintains a lesson plan library for various subjects, including mathematics.
Home to the Teachers Teaching with Technology movement. Great place to learn about using graphing calculators and data-gathering devices in teaching and learning mathematics.

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