Web Feats II Workshop
United States Military Academy


Housing for the workshop will be at Bear Mountain Inn in Bear Mountain State Park. Information about the park and the Inn is available at:

Information on driving to the park and a map can be found at the web site above. We will provide transportation to and from the Academy each day.

The closest airport to West Point is Newburgh, but flights there are often not convenient and tend to be expensive. The other option is to fly into one of the airports in the New York City area. From there, you should take a cab to Grand Central Station and take the Metro-North commuter rail line north along the Hudson to the Peekskill Station. We will try to meet everyone at the station to provide transportation to the Inn.

We are planning a kickoff supper at the Inn on Sunday, July 21 at 7:00. So try to arrive in time for this event.

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Revised: 5/2/02