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"If we had known how much fun grandchildren are, we would have had them first."

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Note: This is the 1997 version. DAS

Ian and Spatula, 51K GIF Ian, age 3, son of Cindy and Juan. The family dog, Spatula, is (mostly) a black Labrador. Ian was born in High Point, North Carolina and is bilingual. Spatula was born in Mexico and knows only English.
Zander, son of Charles and Sandy, with Grandma Dorothy. Zander is also a native North Carolinian, born in Chapel Hill. Zander, 43K GIF
Josh, 47K GIF Josh, age 4, Zander's brother. Josh was born in Reno, Nevada, but just barely missed being born in North Carolina. He's wearing a T-shirt from the 1996 reunion of the family of his great grandparents, Avery and Elma Smith.
Mel, age 15, Sandy's son (half-brother of Josh and Zander), with cousin Ian. Mel is another North Carolinian, born in Boone. Mel and Ian, 104K GIF

Daniel in a box

Daniel, age 1, the "boy in a box," is the son of Cathy and Scott. Like his cousin Mel, Daniel was born in Boone, North Carolina.
Cari, age 8, going on 9, is Cathy's daughter. In addition to being an artist, she is also a dancer. And she too is a native North Carolinian. Cari at work


Sarah, Scott and Cathy's new arrival, is shown here at a very early age with contented Grandpa David. She was born in December 1997 in Elizabeth City, NC.

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