The Grand(children) Gallery

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"If we had known how much fun grandchildren are, we would have had them first."

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Mel, age 17, is Sandy's son, half-brother of Josh and Zander (see below). At his age, the school picture is the "official" portrait.
Mel, 89K GIF
Cari, 72K GIF Cari, age 10, is Cathy's daughter, half-sister of Sarah and Daniel (see below). She is shown here in thoughtful pose in front of a portrait of great grandmother Elma.
Josh, age 6, Charles's and Sandy's son, at work as an artist. Younger brother Zander is at the easel in the background. Josh, 26K JPG
Ian, 81K GIF Ian, age 5, son of Cindy and Juan. What would you expect the son of two musicians to be doing?  Ian's friend Colleen (our neighbor) is at the other keyboard.  Click here for more pictures of Ian -- with Colleen.
Daniel is Scott and Cathy's 3-year-old, brother of Sarah and half-brother of Cari. There's nothing like blowing bubbles and then getting the soap all over -- makes for a clean face.  Click here for more Daniel pictures. Daniel, 19K JPG
Zander, 54K GIF Zander is Charles and Sandy's 2-year-old, brother of Josh and half-brother of Mel. Click here for more pictures of the Z-man, mostly from his second birthday party.
Sarah is the one-year-old daughter of Scott and Cathy. She's enjoying the same bubble-soap activity as big brother Daniel. Sarah, 41K JPG
All grandchildren, some cousins, 67K GIF
It's not often that these kids are all in the same place at the same time -- and even rarer that they are all in the same picture. This was taken Thanksgiving 1998, with all seven grandchildren and four of their second cousins. Back row, L to R, Remington, J.D., Josh, Mel, Ian. Front row, Cari, Rachel, Sarah, Angela, Zander, Daniel.
Ta-da! Grandchild number 8 has just arrived! Benjamin is the new brother of Mel, Josh, and Zander. In this picture he is just hours old, lying on Sandy's lap in the birthing center. Click here for more pictures of Benjamin.
Benjamin at birth

Click here for the 1998 version of the Gallery.

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Click here for additional 1997-98 pictures of grandchildren.

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