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Algebraic Geometry

Fall 2022, Duke University

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General information

Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday, 13:45 – 15:00, Physics Building 227

Contact information for the Instructor

Name: Prof. Ezra Miller (you should call me "Ezra")
Address: Mathematics Department, Duke University, Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708-0320
Office: Physics 209
Phone: (919) 660-2846
Course webpage: you're already looking at it... but it's
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:45 – 13:45, Physics 209

Course description

Course content: selected from Chapters 2 – 17 of [Vakil] = Foundations of algebraic geometry, notes by Ravi Vakil, dated November 18, 2017 Prerequisite: A solid course on commutative algebra, including basic notions from category theory: functors, universal properties, exact sequences, Hom, tensor product, abelian categories, direct and inverse limits; see [Vakil, Chapter 1] for a guide to what you might need.


Check here two weeks before each homework is due for the specifics of the assignments. If an assignment hasn't been posted, and you think it should have been, then please do email me. Sometimes I encounter problems (such as, for example, my own internet or the department's servers going down) while posting assignments. Other times, I might simply have forgotten to copy the assignment into the appropriate directory, or to set the permissions properly.

Assignment Due Date Problems
Homework #1
Tue. 13 September in LaTeX or PDF
Homework #2
Tue. 27 September in LaTeX or PDF
Homework #3
Thu. 13 October in LaTeX or PDF
Homework #4
Thu. 27 October in LaTeX or PDF
Homework #5
Thu. 10 November in LaTeX or PDF
Homework #6
Tue. 29 November in LaTeX or PDF

Grading policy

Final course grades will be entirely determined by homework and participation. (Your grade may be lowered if you are absent from class regularly.)

Other useful texts

Level Title Author(s) Publisher, date
Lower Algebraic Geometry, a first course Harris Springer, 1995
Comparable Algebraic Geometry Hartshorne Springer, 1977
Comparable The Geometry of Schemes Eisenbud & Harris Springer, 2000
Comparable Principles of Algebraic Geometry Griffiths & Harris Wiley, 1978


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