Math 4107, Abstract Algebra I, Spring 2016

Course information

Please read the syllabus carefully.

  • Instructor: Joe Rabinoff
  • Time: 2:05–2:55pm, MWF
  • Location: Skiles 257
  • Prerequisite: Math 2106 or Math 2406
  • Text: M. Artin, Algebra, second edition
  • Office: Skiles 221
  • Office hours: Monday 10am–12pm; Tuesday 2–3pm; and by appointment

Homework assignments

Style files for LaTeX files: jdr-macros.sty jdr-style.sty jdr-hwexam.sty

You are by no means obligated to type up your solutions. If you are interested in learning to use LaTeX, the style files above make it relatively easy to get started. See the instructions in the comments in the homework LaTeX files.