re:boot Number Theory 2016
Intensive research retreat for women in number theory
17 - 20 March 2016
Duke University

Funded by:
National Science Foundation
NSA-Mathematical Sciences Program
Number Theory Foundation
Microsoft Research
Duke University Natural Sciences
Duke University Mathematics Department
Initiative for Women in the Quantitative Sciences at Duke

Now see the webpage for the second event in the series: re:boot 2017!

Alina Bucur (UCSD)
Heekyoung Hahn (Duke)
Pirita Paajanen (Norwich)
Lillian Pierce (Duke)
Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh (Duke)

To contact the organizers, email
reboot (dot) numbertheory ((at)) gmail (dot) com

Guest Speakers
Loredana Lanzani, Professor of Mathematics at Syracuse University

Program officer in Analysis at NSF, 2011 - 2013

Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research
President of AWM (remote speaker)

Charles Toll, NSA
Director of Mathematical Sciences Program, NSA

Re:boot is a four day intensive "boot camp" for women in number theory that will take place at Duke University during March 17-20, 2016. We anticipate welcoming about two dozen researchers to this program. Our days at this unusual event will be focused on developing detailed long-term research trajectories. Our activities will not include standard research talks, but will instead be organized around (a) focused discussions on current developments in areas of number theory; (b) time periods spent on specific writing "assignments" meant to help solidify research plans; (c) vertically integrated mentoring; (d) Q&A sessions with mathematicians who have participated in grant writing and grant evaluation; (e) opportunities to get feedback from peers and to gain new mentors.

We will have three guest speakers: Loredana Lanzani, Professor of Mathematics at Syracuse University, who was a Program Director in Analysis for the NSF in 2011-2013; Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research), currently president of AWM; and Charles Toll, Director of the Mathematical Sciences Program at the NSA.

Come and join us to reinvigorate your research program, gain some focused time thinking about your plans for future research, and possibly even start a new collaboration!

Travel and accommodation
We will provide travel and accommodation funding for all participants.

Exceptional funding
We have the possibility of providing a supplement to assist with childcare costs and child travel costs for participants who will travel with a dependent child.

Commitment to apply for grants
All participants in Re:boot Number Theory will commit to submitting a grant proposal to at least one of the following:

NSF individual grants (Algebra & Number Theory, deadline in October 2016)
NSF CAREER grants (deadline in July 2016)
NSA-MSP Young Investigator Grant (deadline in October 2016)
NSA-MSP Standard Grant (deadline in October 2016, if available)

We anticipate that participants will feel well prepared to submit these grants after attending Re:boot 2016. Re:boot is intended to be helpful both for mathematician who have never written a grant proposal before and for mathematicians who already know what they're in for. Grant writing takes a lot of time, and we have scheduled Re:boot to allow everyone to get a headstart, both for CAREER grants and standard grants. In particular we expect that all particiants at Re:boot will find at least one peer to provide continuing feedback on draft grants in the months between Re:boot and the grant deadline.

Shabnam Akhtari (University of Oregon)
Alejandra Alvarado (Eastern Illinois University)
Jennifer Balakrishnan (University of Oxford)
Efrat Bank (University of Michigan)
Rachel Davis (Purdue University)
Amy DeCelles (University of St. Thomas)
Jenny Fuselier (High Point University)
Eva Goedhart (Smith College)
Anna Haensch (Duquesne University)
Pamela Harris (United States Military Academy)
Piper Harron (The Liberated Mathematician)
Beth Malmskog (Villanova University)
Michelle Manes (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Adriana Salerno (Bates College)
Katherine Stange (University of Colorado Boulder)
Holly Swisher (Oregon State University)
Naomi Tanabe (Dartmouth College)
Lola Thompson (Oberlin College)
Bianca Thompson (Smith College)
Kate Thompson (Davidson College)
Amanda Tucker (University of Rochester)
Christelle Vincent (University of Vermont)
Ursula Whitcher (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)