The Grand(children) Gallery

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"If we had known how much fun grandchildren are, we would have had them first."

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Cari at the beach, 82K GIF Cari, age 9, is Cathy's daughter, half-sister of Sarah and Daniel (see below). The girls come first this year, and Cari is number one granddaughter. Happiness, when you're 9, is getting buried at the beach.
Sarah, still in her first year, is the daughter of Scott and Cathy. She's counting toes under her favorite table. Sarah under the table, 85K GIF
Daniel on the lion's back, 50K GIF Like his namesake, this Daniel knows how to handle lions. He's the 2-year-old brother of Sarah and and half-brother of Cari.
Ian, age 4, son of Cindy and Juan. Some days he seems to have the whole world in his hands. Ian, 44K GIF
Mel flying high, 78K GIF
Mel, age 16, is flying high. He's Sandy's son, half-brother of Josh and Zander (see below).
Josh, age 5, at work in Grandma Dorothy's kitchen, with drum accompaniment by cousin Ian and brother Zander. Josh and Zander are Charles's and Sandy's sons. Josh in the kitchen, 41K GIF
Zander and Papa, 55K GIF
Zander, age 1, on the lap of daddy Charles. Brother Josh is in the background.
And now -- drum roll, please -- the piece de resistance: Joe Cool and and his lady friend.
Joe Cool and friend, 59K GIF

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