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"If we had known how much fun grandchildren are, we would have had them first."
Source unknown
Our grandchildren are cute even when you can't see their faces. Sarah and Daniel, sister and brother, are checking out the back yard at Grandma's house. Scroll down for better pictures of all eight grandchildren.
Grandchild number 8, Benjamin, arrived last year just in time to get his newborn picture in the 1999 gallery. Now he's a huge one-year-old walker. Benjamin is the brother of Josh and Zander, half-brother of Mel, son of Charles and Sandy. Click here for more pictures of Benjamin and the other grandchildren.
Sarah is our two-year-old cutie, daughter of Scott and Cathy, sister of Daniel and half-sister of Cari. Click here for more pictures of Sarah and the other grandchildren.
Zander is Charles and Sandy's 3-year-old, brother of Benjy and Josh and half-brother of Mel. Click here for more pictures of Zander and the other grandchildren.
Daniel is Scott and Cathy's 4-year-old, brother of Sarah and half-brother of Cari. Click here for more pictures of Daniel and the other grandchildren.
Ian, age 6, is the son of Cindy and Juan. This and the rest of the individual pictures on this page are school pictures -- professional quality, but rather artificially posed. Click here for more natural pictures of Ian and the other grandchildren.
Josh, age 7, is Charles's and Sandy's son. Click here for more pictures of Josh and the other grandchildren.
Hickeldy, pickeldy, dickeldy, do -- I am casting a spell on you! Wizard Cari, age 11, is Cathy's daughter, half-sister of Sarah and Daniel. Click here for more pictures of Cari and the other grandchildren.
Mel, age 18, is Sandy's son, half-brother of Josh, Zander, and Benjamin. Click here for more pictures of Mel and the other grandchildren.
Last year we had a picture that included seven of our eight grandchildren -- taken before Benjy was born. Again we have seven out of eight. All were actually present in the same place at the same time, but Daniel refused to join the picture. Back row, L to R, Mel and Ian. Front row, Cari, Zander, Josh, Sarah, and Benjamin.

Click here for more pictures of grandchildren from late 1999 to September 2000.

Click here for the 1999 version of the Gallery, including links to additional 1999 pictures of grandchildren.

Click here for the 1998 version of the Gallery.

Click here for the 1997 version of the Gallery.

Click here for additional 1997-98 pictures of grandchildren.

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